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Meeting Students for Lunch Off-Campus

Jonny Hayasaka

Milton Marquez

Right now our Public High School ministry is in its infancy.  We have more students from our churches that are choosing alternative schooling than our Academy. We have students in multiple Public High Schools, other Non-Adventist Christian schools, Charter schools and home study programs.

This can make it a lot more difficult to stay in contact with these students.  So, Milton Marquez and I have just begun by arranging times to meet with students for lunch every other week or so just to stay in communication with them and to let them know that they are valuable to us and that we enjoy fellowship with them.  Also, for them to get together with one another and form friendships with others with whom they may not have been before but share common beliefs with at school.  This has also created some opportunities for our students to invite friends and be around this group.

Where will this go?   I don't know, but people have to eat.  Students especially. Why not eat together?

  Watch a Movie

Watch the movie To Save a Life with your youth group. It's the story of how teens gave their lives to Jesus and turned their school around after the loss of a friend to suicide. Then discuss ways that your youth can make a difference in the culture of their school(s).







Getting on Campus


If you grew up attending a private Christian school the thought of setting foot on a public high school campus may be a bit intimidating. In this video Pastor Scott Ward shows you how easy it is to get on campus and visit the students you know. Public schools can actually be friendly and nice—there are more Christians there than you may realize…

Visiting Students on Campus at the Existing Christian Club

Pastor Trevor Barnes meets with students on campus at the existing Christian club to show his support for the campus club and his students. He doesn’t run the club—the other sponsor does that—he just comes to help out and be there for the kids from his church.




Building Relationships via Athletics

Pastor Dave Carreon is a referee and umpire for games at the local public high school to show his support for students and build relationships. This is a great way break the ice with high school athletes. Pastor Dave says he often sees kids around town that come up to him to talk because they recognize him from the last game.


Start a Christian Club on your Public School Campus

Pastor Scott R. Ward

How to Start a Public High School Christian Club:

1. Watch the movie, To Save a Life with the youth you work with and discuss the importance of living your faith in the real world.

2. Watch the how-to get on campus video posted above.

3. Talk with the students you know and identify which campus to start on.

4. Visit campus and have lunch with students you know. Meet there friend and talk about a good time/place to meet on a regular basis.

5. Ask students for names of teachers who may be willing to sponsor a Christian club and have them introduce you.

6. Ask the front office secretary for the forms to apply for campus club status.

7. Fill out the forms with your faculty sponsor.

8. Pray, pray, pray for God’s blessing and get started!

Find out more about Starting a Club with excerpts from Go: A Guide to Campus-Based Ministry.


Volunteer at a Public Elementary School

Break out of your comfort zone and just do something! The Christian elementary school my children attend has an overflowing lost and found bin. The school used to give the unclaimed clothes to the Goodwill but now they give them to me. I find a volunteer to wash the coats and sweatshirts and I take them to the public elementary school near my church where there are lots of under-privileged children who have no coats. The school staff is so grateful and so are the parents and children. Now, I also get names of needy students from the school for Christmas baskets and each of our lower division Sabbath School departments collects food and gifts and the whole Sabbath School class goes to deliver together on Sabbath mornings. It’s an unforgettable experience for those kids!

Go to any public school in your city and ask what needs to be done. Budgets are tight and volunteers are few. Show the world that Christians are loving and kind and that we really care about the world around us. As you volunteer relationships will develop and opportunities to share your faith will come. Just get out there and lift up Jesus for all the world to see-be His hands and feet of service. Just Live it!

Restore a Child

Living it is partnering up with Restore a Child (a NAD endorsed non-profit organization) to serve needy children around the world. You can join in, too! During the month of October, which is recognized as World Hunger Action Month, your church, youth group, and/or Christian Club can educate itself about the overwhelming reality of hunger in the world and participate in the DO FastDO stands for Defend Orphans.

From sundown Friday, October 18th to sundown Saturday, October 19th (2013) help raise awareness and funds in the fight to end child starvation, hunger-related disease and poverty. Click here to download the registration form

Join the DO Movement and you can become part of the network to help spread the word about how to Defend Orphans.

Get promo materials and training to help start you outreach ministry.

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