Outreach Ideas

Exercise your faith in Jesus by Living what you believe every day! When you reach out to students on their own turf two things happen; you set an example of true "outreach" and you demonstrate how much you care about and believe in them. This inspires students to Live it in the same way.
Outreach is the evidence that your faith is real—the Bible calls it the “fruit” of your relationship with Jesus. Less than half way through the Gospel of Matthew, when the 12 disciples were still very young in their faith and full of misunderstanding, Jesus sent them out into the highways and byways to heal, preach and cast out demons.
You don’t have to wait until you’re perfect to be used by Jesus to reach out to your world either. Outreach will drive you to your knees when you realize your need of the Holy Spirit and will drive you deeper into God’s Word as you search for answers. Then as you find answers, encouragement and strength in the Word your desire to reach out will grow even more!
Check out the ideas on these pages to find new ways for leaders to reach students and for students to reach each other. And please, share your ideas of how God has used you to reach others as well! Contact us.