Nurturing Your Spirituality

Continued spiritual growth guarantees you will always have something to share with others. In 1 John 1:1-3 the apostle tells us that he is merely sharing what he has personally seen, felt and heard during his time with Jesus.

Spirituality is the by-product of a relationship with Jesus. And a relationship with Jesus is just like any relationship—it’s healthiest when it is consistently engaged and deeply cherished. Many people have found the following guidelines to be helpful for establishing depth and consistency in their walk with Jesus. 

  1. Annual Spiritual Events: Schedule a couple of “big” revivals for yourself each year. These would be things like campmeeting, men’s/women’s conferences or youth leaders convention. This idea follows the biblical example of the Jewish feasts and festivals when everyone got together several times a year for fellowship and to worship God.

  2. Weekly/Monthly Spiritual Events: Weekly spiritual events with Jesus are important as well. Sabbath School and Church are the obvious foundation here but you may also want to join or create a small group Bible study or mid-week devotion time with your youth (nurturing youth spiritually can nurture you too). This would be kind of like “date night” in your marriage (make sure you’re doing that too) but instead you are focusing on your relationship with Jesus. Many people also find monthly gatherings like a local youth workers fellowship to be very nurturing for them. Or maybe you could have lunch with a friend where the topic of conversation is intentionally focused on your spirituality.
  3. Reminders throughout the Day: Try taking a few minutes during your lunch break to “check in” with Jesus. Maybe you need to refresh your memory of your morning devotional time, or resubmit your day to Him. Then, in the evening take some time to reflect on your day, thinking about how Jesus was able to shine through you, and looking at where you may be able to surrender more fully to Him.
  1. Daily Time with Jesus: The heart and soul of your spirituality is your daily time with Jesus. You may need to start off with some discipline to make it happen but eventually this special time with Him will become a part of your life that leaves a terrible void if you miss it. And, remember, “variety is the spice of life”. Make sure to "mix it up" in your daily time with Jesus. Here on some suggestions:
    • Quiet time--just talk with Jesus about your life
    • Listen to Christian music
    • Watch Christian music videos
    • Recite scripture and reflect on it
    • Pray for others
    • Praise God for who He is
    • Read the Bible
    • Read a devotional
    • Quietly listen for what Jesus may want to say to you
    • Watch a burning candle--to remind you that Jesus wants you to be the “the light of the world” (Involve your other senses. Using a scented candle can symbolize the incense used in the Old Testament, or the incense given to baby Jesus.)

Jesus wants to be the most wonderful friend and constant companion in your life. He’s just waiting for you to open the door of your life and let Him in.

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