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Shift the Dependency

We all need something outside of ourselves—we just get confused about what it is that can satisfy our souls. How long does the new car smell last or the thrill of latest game? Honestly, how long does sex satisfy you? The things of the world breed dependency upon themselves because their longevity is fleeting—you must re-indulge over and over to maintain the fix that is shallow at best. Really, how far do these things go to see you through the death of a loved one, or loss of your career or health?

Jesus is the only One who can truly satisfy the very depths of your soul and strengthen you through the hellish times this world has to offer. In the "Nurturing your Spirituality" portion of the website you will find some helpful tips for turning dependency on worldly things to focus on the only One who can truly satisfy all your longings and needs. Use the information available here to glean tools that can help you facilitate depth and consistency in your relationship with Jesus. Then check out the “Devotions to Share” page to inspire your own daily growth and for use in leading others into a deeper relationship with Jesus, as well.

Check out Pastor Scott Ward's new book, Authentic: Where true, life-changing Christianity begins. This book lays out simple ways we can draw nearer to Jesus, and strengthen our relationship wih Him.







Public High School Ministry Quick Start Guide

This guide walks you through the steps you'll need to take for public high school ministry. Choose from the 5 levels of commitment, and get started!





The Living it Bible Experience 2013-2014

Follow David's life as told in the book of 2 Samuel, and gain new insights with this Application Guide. It is perfect for your personal devotional time, or for a small Bible study group. 

Living it Bible Experience: Complete




The Living it Bible Experience 2012-2013

This Application Guide is geared toward young people, but can be very helpful for anyone wanting to go a little deeper into scripture as they explore the life of Paul in Acts and Thessalonians. Use this guide in your personal study time or as an outline in a group setting. Download the entire guide, or the individual studies.

Living it Bible Experience: Complete


Chapter Guide Outline

Part 1: The Church is Born (Acts 1-5)

Acts 1

Acts 2

Acts 3

Acts 3-4

Acts 5

Part 2: The Church is Persecuted and Grows (Acts 6-9)

Acts 6

Acts 7

Acts 8

Acts 9

Part 3: Peter and Reaching Out to Gentiles (Acts 10-12)

Acts 10

Acts 11

Acts 12

Part 4: Paul's First Missionary Journey (Acts 13-14)

Acts 13

Acts 14

Part 5: Gentile Christians Affirmed (Acts 15)

Acts 15

Part 6: Paul's Second Missionary Journey (Acts 16-18)

Acts 16

Acts 17

Acts 18

Part 7: Paul's Third Missionary Journey (Acts 19-21)

Acts 19

Acts 20

Acts 21

Part 8: Paul's Final Journey (Acts 22-28)

Acts 22

Acts 23

Acts 24

Acts 25

Acts 26

Acts 27

Acts 28

Part 9: Paul's First Letter to the Church at Thessalonica (1 Thessalonians)

1 Thessalonians 1

1 Thessalonians 2

1 Thessalonians 3

1 Thessalonians 4

1 Thessalonians 5

Part 10: Paul's Second Letter to the Church at Thessalonica (2 Thessalonians)

2 Thessalonians 1

2 Thessalonians 2

2 Thessalonians 3


Topical Index of Teachings

Nurturing your Spirituality

Devotions to Share