Dude, Don't Forget!

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I’m in a rough patch in my life right now. Let me be clear. My rough patches are relative. I’m not starving of hunger. There are no drones overhead dropping bombs nearby the tent where I eek out a living. Last week a bug bit me on my finger and it’s swollen like a small balloon, but that ain’t exactly cancer. All tolled, I have nothing to complain about. That said, let me tell you what’s up with me.

Over the past two week’s my life has been in an uproar because I moved. That’s right, the most stressful thing one can do in life is move from one place to another, and I just did it. Actually, it’s only been a year since I last did it, so you can imagine my state of mind right now. My brain is mush. But that’s not all.

Before the big fruit-basket turnover—a.k.a. the move—I gave my car to someone who really needed a car. Now, I too need a car, but I figure they needed it more since they had an entire family depending on them and no one could go anywhere without a vehicle. I fixed my car up, gave it to them, registered it for them, and paid the first 6 months of the insurance. (I’m not telling you this so that you can think I’m a great guy. I want to show you something important, and that’s the only reason why I’m divulging something so private.)

After giving the car away, I figured I’d fix my old 1984 jalopy and drive that. This was my back-up plan. Okay, bad idea, but it seemed good at the time. I gave said jalopy to a mechanic to fix. $2,500.00 later, my jalopy is still a jalopy, and the mechanic wont refund me any of my money. Basically, he took me for a ride then left we walking. I guess no good deed goes unpunished, huh?!!

Needless to say, my wife is none-too-pleased with the whole debacle. I gave away a perfectly good car and lost a ton of money fixing an old one. These are the moments when marriage gets tough, but I know that God will bring us through it. She, not so much.

So what’s the lesson I want you to take away from this episode in my life? To answer that question, I first need you to read Deuteronomy 8. (Pause. You’re reading it now, right? Dude, don’t lie!!)

In that chapter, Moses tells the Israelites some of what’s in store for them in the Promised Land—if they obey God and do not forget how great he’s been to them (Verses 10-16). (Moe will do this again and again throughout Deuteronomy.) What did God want them to remember? Well, here’ one thing:  “Over the past forty years, your clothing hasn’t worn out, and your feet haven’t swollen” (verse 4). Can you imagine that? Clothes that somehow break down, or if they do, they magically renew themselves. Feet that never swell, though they walk day after day through a hot desert. Sssssweeeeettttttt!!

I too have that testimony. God has kept cars running for me that should’ve been dead a long time ago. I remember those blessings.  This crazy episode gave me an opportunity to walk down memory lane a bit and the journey has been great. (I wouldn’t mind driving down memory lane, but with no car, well . . .! lol) So, I’m out a car and some money. But, I’ve still got a God who loves me and will give me just what I need.

I. am. Blessed.

3 Questions

1. Has Satan ever complicated your life after doing a good deed? How?

2. What’s your history with God? See His fingerprints anywhere in your life?

3. Why do you think God did not want the Israelites to forget His goodness to them?

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Dwain Neilson Esmond is a recovering sinner. He is a husband, father, friend, and author of three young adult devotional books, including 24.7.365: One Year in the Word. Dwain currently serves as the Vice President of Editorial Services for Review and Herald Publishing Association.

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