At-Risk Help

This portion of the Living It website is designed to provide information about issues and resources that parents and others often need when assisting youth in difficult situations.

The “Positive Self-Care” page helps you to be proactive in recognizing and heading off potential problems. The “At-Risk Behaviors” portion gives you an overview of each behavior as well as tips on “what you can do” in each situation.

We hope you find the content provided in the information topics useful. If you would like to have more information provided for any of these topics, or if there are other topics you would like to have addressed, please email:, and we will develop additional content.

Remember: This is not an emergency hotline. If you are facing a crisis, please go to your nearest mental health center or hospital emergency department.

We at the Loma Linda University Behavioral Health Institute are happy to support this informational portion of the Living It web site. We hope it provides you with the information you seek.





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