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The Living it Discipleship Resource Center has four key components that compliment each other and work together to empower your outreach efforts with high school youth.

Video Testimonies: These are real stories about real students; how they are living their faith at school and how important it is to them. Watch and share these videos with students for some inspiration to help the kids you know live out their faith. 
Jesus Living in You: Your devotional life is the key to successful outreach. A deep connection with Jesus guarantees that you'll never be at a loss for something to share with the students that you meet. Here you will find the key elements of a powerful connection with Jesus as well as an assortment of devotions to read for yourself and share with others. This is the first key to Living your faith.

Outreach Ideas: Great ideas are the starting point for great ministries. Here you will find a variety of ideas for getting outside the four walls of your church and meeting kids in the middle of their world. When you meet kids in the midst of their everyday lives you can help them learn to live for Jesus in the "real world" instead of merely reserving their faith for church on the weekends. This is the second key to Living your faith.

At-Risk Help: Understanding the issues that teens face is critically important to successfully ministering to them. There are times when we need to add the wisdom that God has given our medical professionals to the prayers that we are already sending up for our young people. Here, Loma Linda University Behavioral Health Institute provides outlined descriptions of at-risk behaviors such as drinking, drugs, sexting, cutting and more... If you have specific questions feel free to use the email response line and a LLU expert will respond to you within 72 hours.